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9:40 PM, Thursday June 9th 2022

Hi! Good job on completing lesson 4. I will review your submission

Organic forms: Your organic forms are looking solid for the most part. There are some sausages where I feel that you could have changed the degree of the ellipses a little more, but the page looks good for the most part.

For the sausages with contour lines, I feel like you don't make the countour line "round" enough, if that makes sense. Sometimes the sausages seem flat, instead of having the thickness that we want to give to them on this exercise. Remember to imagine the sausage as a form that really exists in a 3d space.

Insect drawings: Your insect drawings are looking good. You did a good job with the legs. I can tell you focus on capturing the gesture each one of them. Your linework also looks good. Keep using your whole arm and drawing with confidence. Your construction looks good! I can tell you're understanding the lessons and building a good spatial reasoning.

The one think I want to point out is detail. For the bee, I notice that you filled in the whole eye with black. This can make the form lose some of its solidity. Uncomfortable goes more in depth about why you should avoid filling eyes with black (when doing DaB exercises) on lesson 5. Also, I feel like for the beetle (I think that's what it is), you drew too much shadow, and this can be a little distracting. Be more mindful of how much shadow you put.

Overall, I think you did pretty good. I like your construction, it looks very solid and I can tell you think about the lines you put down. Good luck with lesson 5. I wish you the best and I hope I helped you in some way.

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5:36 PM, Friday June 17th 2022

Thank you for your critique, you certainly helped me.

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