Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:28 PM, Saturday May 21st 2022

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Got real fun doing this exercises, maybe I needed to concentrate more in the later ones, but got a great time doing them

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1:19 AM, Monday May 23rd 2022

Hi Ceasarelmoro,

Superimposed Lines: The first page wasn't bad there was one line that had fraying at both ends, but the second page showed improvement there. The lines are confident and there is minimal arching so good job here.

Plotted Lines: Everything looks great I can tell you feel confident with these as well there is minimal arching or wiggly lines. I did notice that there were a few lines that looked to stop right before the plotted point. Just make sure you are applying the ghosting method on when trying to draw a line between to dotted points.

Table of Ellipses: There is minimal overlap between your ellipses and you keep them in bounds. Some of them do tend to be a little flat in some areas but I'm sure they will improve in time as you continue to practice.

Ghosted Planes/Ellipses in Planes: The ghosted planes look good. confident lines and your plotted points all connect. The ellipses all look good as well. Some of the ellipses look like they may have been drawn through more than 3 times just be mindful of that overall they look pretty good.

Funnels: The funnels are not quite symmetrical. But I think that has to do more with some of the center lines being drawn off center. in the funnels. I would suggest doing another page of funnels.

Plotted Perspective: The plotted perspective looks phenomenal so there isn't much I can say a bout that. Great Job.

Rough Perspective Looks fines. I would just make sure to double check your lines aftr plotting our initial guess by ghosting to the vanishing point. I'm certain you will get better at this with more practice.

Rotated boxes: Looks amazing all the boxes are snug and they are rotating. They aren't always perfect but its still an amazing job.

Organic Perspective: The lines look confident but it doesn't look like your varied the line weight much and it shows on the overlapping cubes

Overall You did well on this first lesson. I am going to suggest that you do another page of Ellipses in funnel. I think I would also like to see another page of organic perspective so you can work on adding line weight to your boxes. I'm confident you will be ready to work on the box challenge and Lesson 2 after that.

Next Steps:

A page of funnels to make sure you are drawing the ellipses along the minor axis and creating symmetrical halves.

A page of organic perspective to work on adding line weight to your boxes as they overlap .

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
2:29 AM, Saturday May 28th 2022

Thanks a lot for the awesome critique, here are the exercises you recommended to repeat:


1:01 AM, Monday May 30th 2022

No problem. You did a great job on these repeats. Nice work.

Next Steps:

You are ready to tackle the 250 boxes challenge now.

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