Should i wait for community critique or just paid for the official one?

9:28 AM, Friday July 29th 2022

I have just submitted Lesson 1 Homework and posted it for community critique, but i wonder if i should wait for days or maybe even weeks to be critiqued or just paid membership for patreon to get official critique?

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2:01 AM, Saturday August 6th 2022
edited at 2:01 AM, Aug 6th 2022

If you choose to do community critique make sure you join the discord and check out the #critique-exchange channel, it makes it easier to get critiques without paying (though you need to help others in exchange)

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5:16 AM, Saturday August 6th 2022

Hi Elodin

Yeah... I have already connected discord to my drawabox account. Btw, can i start for critique other now or should i wait for your critique first before i can do that?

1:21 AM, Sunday August 7th 2022

If you wait 7 days after posting a lesson 1 submission you can ask on the discord channel and you'll get added to the queue even if you didn't do any critique. When you get that one you can already do lesson 1 critiques to pay for the other submissions if you want more

2:14 AM, Sunday August 7th 2022

Oh ok... Thanks elodin

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10:56 AM, Friday July 29th 2022

It's up to you honestly. By paying you are asking for feedback from people who has been through it and runs the show, while doing the free thing asks others to comment at their own pace, and might not be as nuanced as official feedback.

I don't regret paying for it, but again this is for you to decide.

11:19 AM, Friday July 29th 2022

Do you get critique for your homeworks much quicker when you signed patreon membership for official critique compare to doing free community critique?

For example, you submit the homeworks in community critique style, you wait for days or maybe even months for the homeworks to be critiqued, but when you submit it in official critique style, you get critiqued in 1 to 2 days after you submit it

Is that how official critique works? ( i'm sorry if it's kind of rude but i just want to know)

12:29 PM, Friday July 29th 2022

You get answered within (usually) 4 days, and you get specific criticism suited for you.

12:45 PM, Friday July 29th 2022

I see.. Thanks for the info

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7:57 AM, Saturday July 30th 2022

Personally I've gotten much more out of DaB since switching to paid critique. I went up to lesson 4 on my own before getting fed up with how rare it is to get a community critique, especially past lesson 2. The critiques are very in depth with what I did right and what I need to work on, and I feel more trusting of them since they came from an experienced artist.

If you can't afford it or plan on doing DaB casually then I wouldn't say it's worthwhile, but if you can afford it and you plan on getting as much out of the course as you can then I recommend trying it. You can take a look at homework on this site submitted for official critique to get an idea of what the critiques are like.

11:30 AM, Saturday July 30th 2022

Honestly, i can't afford it right now, i try to follow for community review by posting my homeworks in here and in discord server

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11:03 PM, Saturday July 30th 2022

the paid is 5 to 10 a month which is dirt cheap so paid is the way

12:55 AM, Sunday July 31st 2022

Lol... everyone recommends me the official no matter how broke i am... maybe later i'll do it

6:41 PM, Sunday July 31st 2022

Bruh just take in some cans, sell a random thing you don't want, $5 is nothing.

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1:14 AM, Friday August 5th 2022

If you can afford it I highly recommend getting the paid critique!

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