Idea when stuck on form intersections in lesson 2.3 (first just try *plane intersections*, then boxes that are aligned)

5:24 PM, Wednesday December 14th 2022

So, first of all, I love this course. However, I drew a huge blank on the form intersections exercise, despite reading the instructions twice, watching the videos, and putting shapes on the page as directed. I literally didn't know where to put a single line. However, after some thought (and watching “Sketch with Peter Han ep5, minutes 10-22”), I came up with some pre-2.3 exercises that helped.

  1. Plane intersections: One was to draw pairs of planes and have them intersect and adding cross hatching to indicate what was visible. It was a stretch, but doable. I felt a lot more understanding after doing this simpler case.

  2. Aligned boxes: Try just intersecting one pair of boxes that align with each other. For a beginner, this actually takes a lot of thought as well.

Like so:

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The Art of Blizzard Entertainment

While I have a massive library of non-instructional art books I've collected over the years, there's only a handful that are actually important to me. This is one of them - so much so that I jammed my copy into my overstuffed backpack when flying back from my parents' house just so I could have it at my apartment. My back's been sore for a week.

The reason I hold this book in such high esteem is because of how it puts the relatively new field of game art into perspective, showing how concept art really just started off as crude sketches intended to communicate ideas to storytellers, designers and 3D modelers. How all of this focus on beautiful illustrations is really secondary to the core of a concept artist's job. A real eye-opener.

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