Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

12:16 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023

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This was such a jump in difficulty from the first one, my brain was breaking >_<

I wanted to go back and redo basically all of these, but I decided to stick with the program and keep going. Thank you for your time and critique, hopefully I'll get better at this with time.

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2:54 PM, Monday February 6th 2023

Overall review

*You should be more confident. If it go wrong, doesn't matter. it's okay!

Draw through your elipses or spheres only twice or thrice, not more than that.*

Contour Lines

It was pretty good section.

Organic Arrows

They turn properly through space. I only have one recommendation, your turns should be more confident, even if they are wrong, they should be confident.

Organic Forms with Contour Lines

Your organic forms looks nice, with proper contour lines. Just remember to draw through your elipses only twice or thrice not more than that. The rest is nice and proper, keep it up!

Texture and Detail

This was pretty good section, keep it up!

Texture Analysis

Texture analysis are very detailed, notes on it are also nice, you have projected the shadows also properly. Keep it up!


They are just perfect! I really loved them, so proper and detailed. Very nice!


A bit attention needed

Form Intersections

This was hardest of all the exercises and it is bound to go wrong. You should only draw through your spheres twice or thrice not more than that. But, still you tackled it very well. Just pay a bit of attention to forms intersections of the circular surfaces. You understood the exercise properly, so I won't ask for a redo. Nice keep it up!

Organic Intersections

Well, here I have few things to suggest. Your organic forms should kinda melt on each other, orelse it looks like they are bout to fall down. Shadows are right, but don't forget the slouching of the forms as it will ensure that they "won't fall."

In this also, I don't feel you should redo anything. It's pretty good.


If you have any query about the review, feel free to ask.

Thank you!

Next Steps:

yay! you can move to next lesson


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3:23 PM, Tuesday February 7th 2023

Thank you very much! This is such a good, thorough critique, I'm very grateful. I hope you have a lovely day and are doing well in your own art journey :D

1:06 PM, Wednesday February 8th 2023


no problem, keep it up! :)

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