Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:14 AM, Sunday May 2nd 2021

DaB Lesson 1 by CyTori - Album on Imgur

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I don't know what exactly to write here, but thanks for taking the time to help me out; Any constructive critique is welcome and feel free to do it in bullet points (to save us both time), but only if you want to. I struggled the hardest with the last exercise (organic perspective), so maybe look a little closer at that one. Anyway, thank you for critiquing

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8:49 PM, Monday May 10th 2021

Hi CyTori,

Good job on completing lesson 1. I'll be reviewing your homework.

Superimposed lines

Your lines look straight and confident. Keep doing this exercise during a warming up to improve accuracy.

Ghosted lines

Looks good. You've plotted your lines correctly. Some wobbly lines here and there. In drawabox you should always prioritize confidence over accuracy. A wobbly line is a mistake, no matter how accurate, and a confident line will be correct, as with practice the accuracy will get better. When plotting your lines (placing a start and end dot for each line), don't draw these points too heavily - ideally the resulting line should swallow both of them up.

Ghosted planes

Looks good. Nice plotting of lines and good accuracy. Keep practicing with the ghosting method for straight, confident lines.

Table of Ellipses

Looks great. Your ellipses are placed nicely inside the bounds and you've drawn through them more than once.

Ellipses in planes

Your ellipses are drawn nicely between the bounds. Make sure you ghost your ellipses before drawing them to create smooth, round ellipses.


You did a good attempt on keeping your ellipses aligned to the central minor axis line.

Plotted perspective

Your boxes are correctly plotted.

Rough perspective

Looks good. Your estimates come close to the actual vanishing points. Keep practicing this during a warm up to improve in estimating the vanishing points. Keep in mind that all horizontal lines should be parallel to the horizon and all vertical lines run perpendicular to the horizon.

Rotated boxes

Looks great. You drew all the boxes and drew through them. One thing I may want to point out is, while not necessary, to hatch the overlapping faces of each box, which adds more depth to your drawing.

Organic perspective

Looks decent. There is a clear difference between boxes which are closer to the viewer and boxes which are further away. I do notice some divergence, but that's something you will improve during the 250 box challenge.

Next Steps:

Well done. Continue with the 250 box challenge.

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6:26 AM, Tuesday May 11th 2021

Thank you so much for the detailed critique, it helped me a lot. I'll keep working on more confident lines as well as the accuracy and convergence of my boxes.

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