Lines are confident in general, though they get a slight wobble at times. Don't forget you should always prioritize confidence over accuracy, even if the line ends up being off. Try going with a faster, more confident, line. Use the ghosting method before doing them. in the Superimposed Lines exercise you did little waves then try to draw them more oftenly like warm ups, they will help you in future exercices.

Same goes for ellipses, they have a tiny bit of wobble. Focus on making them as smooth and confident as you can and don't worry about sacrificing accuracy.

On rough perspective, width lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon. Some lines have this mistake but in general they are well.

Perspective and rotated boxes have some issues but perspective will be work on the box challenge, then you will improve them.

In general well done. I can notice the effort. Keep working hard.