Drawing Prompt: Lost in the Multiverse

10:30 PM, Tuesday June 28th 2022

Flynn is getting a nightmare christmas - Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/AyjymC2

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This submission was done for the Lost in the Multiverse drawing prompt. Check out more submissions here!

First drawing i post here, looking to improve with you all!.

Flynn being suprised by jack on christmas eve.

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12:31 AM, Wednesday June 29th 2022

Dropping by to have a look-see at your drawing, Adam. :D

Ahh I remember looking at this earlier. I loved it! It made me smile because I actually know who Jack is!

I can see Jack with his long spidery legs creeping up to surprise someone, his arms raised exactly how you've drawn them.

Creep... creeep... creeeep.... (pause)... BOO!

Looking really good. Alas, I cannot offer too much in the way of critique as I'm as new as you. I will say that I look forward to checking back now and then to see how you've been going!

2:27 PM, Wednesday June 29th 2022

thnx really apperciate it, i made a lot of fundemental mistakes on this one,but that is what i am here for.

i will be checking up on you as well, hope to see you around les both stay consistent, and do not be afrid to give feedback. cheers

8:43 PM, Wednesday June 29th 2022

Credit given where it's due. Both characters look like who they are supposed to be. Everything else is easily identifiable too. I can "see" Jack sneaking up, and Flynn being surprised. You've taken your time to draw everything to the best of your current ability. So, I personally think it's great. :D

Everyone here could give you a laundry list of everything that's wrong with their own art, I'm certainly not alone there. As you said, that's why we're here. The most important thing is to enjoy what one is doing, and not get stressed out over perfection.

I'll see you around the site. :)

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