250 Box Challenge

4:27 PM, Wednesday March 15th 2023

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9:11 AM, Friday March 17th 2023

Good job getting through all those cubes! Time for feedback. I'll go through them 50 by 50.

Boxes 1-50

There is very little creativity when it comes to box shape or orientation. Am hoping that down the line we'll see more interesting shapes. And even though it's technically optional, it is still kind of important to add line-weight to the boxes as well as hatch one side of all the boxes, that is a large amount of practice you've been missing out on!

The lines you've drawn are very clean though, nice and sharp, you have no issues with wobbly lines at all! It's also clear that you understand the theory of perspective from the get-go, your lines are converging well, no critical errors at all.

Boxes 51-100

Still very little creativity when it comes to the boxes. All the VPs are roughly at the same distance from the boxes. I've also noticed you've been drawing your boxes somewhat small. Practicing with longer lines will be important down the line.

I've seen a few pages of hatches, but then you stopped doing it again! And no line-weight here either.

Your lines are still razor sharp, which is nice. You've clearly marked your starting and end points on paper and went for them. And of course now and then there'll be an odd line going in the wrong direction, but they're clearly exception rather than rule, you're doing great on perspective.

Boxes 101-150

Still the same boxes, no hatching, no added line weight. I've noticed a few odd lines though, for instance at box 106 or 107, there seem to be a few additional lines drawn? Box 130, 135 too, and a few others. Try and make sure that you draw the lines only once, making mistakes and learning from them is much more valuable than "just" drawing a bunch of boxes.

Box 128 is nice, it shows a little bit of creativity with the VP distance. Other than that, you're also doing a great job on making sure all lines converge, not just pairs of 2.

Boxes 151-200

Hatches! Lots of them, good going! I'm still not sure on the line weight. Maybe I'm missing something and you accidentally added weight to all the lines equally? Be sure to check https://drawabox.com/lesson/250boxes/1/lineweight on how to properly add lineweight, and be sure to do it on only the outside lines.

I'm seeing a bit more experimenting with VPs, and subsequently a few more blatant mistakes as well. This is good! That's the kind of things you want to be practicing.

Boxes 201-250

All hatches! And lots more experimenting too, great! I also like the shape of box 231, I wish there had been more like these.

I'm still not entirely sure what to make of the additional lines in boxes like 213. Be sure not to re-draw lines you placed, at any rate. The first line is the one that matters!


You have a very solid understanding of perspective, and your diligence with all the line extensions shows. You know how to make the lines properly converge in sets of four, that's the big one. (I am not entirely sure what to make of the additional lines here and there, but that shouldn't stop you from moving on.)

I think you did perfectly fine, but I am a little bit worried for the lack of adventurousness. I'm going to ask for a few more boxes before I mark the challenge as complete!

Try a few boxes with the VPs really close. Or, for example, with only one VP close, one barely off the page and one so far away the lines are near parallel. Also, try a few flat pizza boxes, or maybe very long sticks, or a large box, paper-size!

Just 10 boxes will be fine :) get a bit of a hang of it, is all.

Next Steps:

10 more boxes with some inspiration!

Then move on :) lesson 2!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:17 PM, Thursday March 23rd 2023


Thanks for the critique on the boxes!

I did the revision as you asked…

If you’ll kindly have a look:


4:50 PM, Friday March 24th 2023

Very cool, those are no problem to you. Onwards!

Next Steps:

Lesson 2!

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