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12:55 PM, Wednesday July 15th 2020

Thanks for your reply.

I apologize if I didn't quite understand, but do you mean having dense texture near the silhouette of each form and sparse texture near the center? If so, what if the light source was directly pointed towards the sides of the object? If possible, can you show a diagram of what you mean?

Also, which gradient exercise were you talking about specifically?

2:11 PM, Wednesday July 15th 2020


I am talking about the third box of this exercise :

Position your texture depending on where you want your light source to be. I said put the light more near the center because it's easier at first to draw as if the light was coming from you. Then you could move to giving a different orientation to the light, after being comfortable with putting in texture. Well you can skip this step if you don't think it's helpful.

You might want to watch this video. It really helped me understand the concept of texture :

At 7:22, on the right, you have a perfect example.

Have fun!

7:37 PM, Saturday July 18th 2020

Alright then. Thanks for your help!

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