How to keep track of where you are on Drawabox

6:20 PM, Monday February 19th 2024

I would appreciate any help! I've bookmarked where I've left off for the day, hoping to jump right back to the topic when I'm ready to continue. Unfortunately that is not happening for me. I can't seem to find where my bookmarks are stored. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong and how to fix the issue? Thanks!

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7:59 PM, Monday February 19th 2024

On pc if you click the bookmark link button next to the play audio button, it doesn't automatically set the bookmark for you. If you look at the search bar when you click the button, it changes to the exact section of the lesson.

So, if I go to lesson 1 Lines:markmaking, the search bar shows

Then scroll down to the "Marks must flow smoothly" section. Hit the bookmark link button there.

The search bar changes to You can bookmark this with the browser you are using.

Works for mobile too.

9:21 PM, Monday February 19th 2024

Ah, ok. Thanks so much!

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