Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

9:33 AM, Thursday April 28th 2022

Draw A Box | Lesson 1 Complete Exercise - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/5nW4KJl.jpg

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Any feedback or critiques i need to know before i start the 250 box challenge? I would very much appreciate it!

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9:25 AM, Tuesday May 3rd 2022

hi PitchBlank! i'm Koyomi and i'm going to review your lesson 1 submission.


-in your superimposed lines exercise some sets of lines are fraying on both ends, make sure to place your pen carefully on the starting dot so that does not happen

-on the ghosted lines and ghosted planes i can see that you’re using your arm and that’s great, your lines are quite confident. there’s some wobbles here and there but not bad, it will come with time and practice. Some of your lines are arching a bit though, to correct that you can try to arch them consciously in the other direction if that makes sense

-also in your ghosted lines exercise, some lines are touching neither two of your dots as i said for the superimposed lines, take the time to place your pen carefully on the dot before tracing your line, don’t rush it


-your ellipses on all three exercises are sticking out of their bounds a bit, make sure to use the ghosting method when you draw your ellipses, other than that they’re not bad, some are quite wobbly but overall good job on your ellipses


-on the rough perspective exercise your lines came out pretty wobbly, don’t forget to ghost your lines and always prioritize confidence over accuracy!

-on the organic perspective exercise you’re repeating some of your lines, no matter how off a line is try to keep it as if it were correct and move on

Next Steps:

move on to the 250 boxes challenge, good luck!

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9:49 AM, Wednesday May 4th 2022

Thanks a lot Koyomi!

I was starting to doubt that I'll get any replies, but I'm so glad i was wrong. I am now relieved to know what i should keep in mind when doing the 250 box challenge. You're the goat!

10:00 AM, Wednesday May 4th 2022

no problem! on the later lessons you will inevitably get stuck not receiving critiques from the community (unless if you're reaaally lucky) so when you get stuck you can go on the discord and ask @Elodin to add your submission to the spreadsheet (list of submissions with higher priority) in exchange of 5 critiques from you in the chanel #critique-exchange

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