Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:03 PM, Saturday November 27th 2021

Drawabox Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

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Hello, dear people!

Soooo, this is my second attempt with Drawabox, I finished the first lesson in 2019, started the box challenge, draw 125 boxes and.... just quit. A new job started, didn't have the time blablabla... I burned out, I guess. I didn't draw even a stick figure in the last 2 years.

Then like 2 weeks ago in a deep meditation session I realized: I NEED to draw, I WANT to draw, I WANT to KNOW how to draw! So I bought a sketchbook for my silly colorful doodles and started from the top with this beautiful and grueling course named Drawabox and this time I took quite seriously the 50 percent rule. My huge mistake the first time was that I thought I HAVE to learn to draw BEFORE I can have fun with it, so I didn't do any silly stuff, or anything else really apart from the boxes. Now it's different! fingers crossed

Things I'm really happy for: 1) I finished the first lesson, yeaaaay! 2) I had a lot of fun, especially with the rotated boxes homework. 3) I realized my skills didn't reset totally, my lines were much straighter and had more confidence than when I started 2 years ago. Huh!

Thank you for taking your time reading this, and any comments, reviews are REALLY appreciated, mostly for motivation-purposes. :)

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11:39 PM, Sunday November 28th 2021

Welcome back :)


Your lines are good, they look ghosted and confident,keep it up.


They look confident and ghosted and are drawn throught at least 2 times


In the plotted perspective you have not drawn through the boxes. All boxes should be drawn through as if looking at it through m an x-ray, the only exception is the organic perspective where it is optional.

In the rotated boxes specifically it seems you did not plot the lines you drew. Remember also to keep the gaps consistent.

The boxes in the third quadrant are not rotated properly they are similar to:


You should use the surrounding boxes to get the angles, check the rotated boxes notes or video again.


Keep in mind that

"On rough perspective, width lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon"

quoted from https://pastebin.com/dYnFt9PQ

Draw through the boxes except in the organic perspective

Otherwise I think you can head on to the 250 box challenge

Next Steps:

Yeah you can head off to the 250 box challenge

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1:57 PM, Wednesday December 29th 2021

Yes, thank you very much for critique!!

With the rotated boxes challenge I felt that I'm not rotating enough, my brain was confused with all the lines :) Thanks for confirming my feelings.

With the plotted perspective exercise you're absolutely right, I messed up there.

3:33 PM, Wednesday December 29th 2021

On the rotated boxes, there are many more instances of the same thing but I just pointed out some. Good luck :)


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