Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

1:50 PM, Sunday August 20th 2023

drawabox lesson 1 homework - Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/MGvZayC.jpg

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this was really fun and i really felt like i improved even if a little bit from doing this! looking forward to the feedback and thank you in advance.

im not sure if this is the place to ask and i dont really want to distract from the homework but this has been bugging me..

so far i've been doing the 50% rule inbetween sessions of drawabox (like 1h drawabox then 1h of drawing and so on)

but i've had a thought, could it be better to maybe have multiple sessions of drawabox and only then do the 50% rule? or even go as far as doing all of the lesson and then do the 50% rule? which of those would be the most efficient? or is its just up to me to decide which way works the best for me?

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8:54 AM, Monday August 21st 2023

As for the 50% rule it depends on how you feel, but it's generally better to take a break between working sessions with personal drawings. Think of it like studying, it's better to learn 1 concept at a time and metabolize it rather than do an all-nighter and hope you can memorize an entire book of information. Divide and conquer!

As for the homework:

  • The overimposed lines have lots of fraying as the lines get longer and same thing applies to the wobbling

  • ghosted lines: why did you use a pencil for this exercise? Other than that your lines have improved here, more confident

  • planes: since you started ghosting, your lines have improved, if you fail a line, like it doesn't reach all the way to the end, leave it, this applies to the rest of the homeworks

  • ellipses: both in the planes and the boxes you did well, you followed the instructions and they improved in consistency as you drew them

  • rough perspective: second page, the box in the upper left is missing 1 line

  • organic perspective: compared to the rotated boxes, the lines are more straight. you should fill a little bit more the space in the upper box on the second page, you could have started at the end of the line, also in the middle box of the second page is ok and encouraged to make boxes overlap but here they overlap a bit too much and is rather confusing.

Overall your lines really improved and they became less and less wobbly, compare organic perspective and superimposed lines.

Next Steps:

Re-do the page of ghosted lines because you did it with a pencil, this will also improve the curving of your lines that you can see in the rotated boxes exercise.

The rest of the homework you did it following the rules so you don't have to redo it

don't worry about how wrong the perspective is with your boxes, the 250 boxes exercise will help you

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
6:56 PM, Monday August 21st 2023

the ghosted lines were actually drawn using the same fineliner as for the rest of the lesson but now that i look at it again, i think it got a little blurry when i took the photo and i can see how it could be messed up for a pencil.

i re-did it with the same fineliner anyway and it should be better now, here you go: https://imgur.com/a/rDmJWKw

once again thank you for the critique, i was getting ready to wait much longer than i did!

7:18 PM, Monday August 21st 2023

Ups sorry, I've analyzed that photo a lot because I was unsure if it was pencil or not since it was blurry, I guess I was wrong. In any case I will mark as complete, good job :D

Next Steps:

get ready for the boxes

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8:02 PM, Monday August 21st 2023

thank you very much, im so ready for the boxes :D

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