• I see a bit of fraying at either end of some of your lines. The arcs tend to waver from one end to the other. Remember to draw from your arm and not your wrist.

  • The same advice applies to the ghosted lines. A few are wobbly, but I see that you improve your strokes throughout the exercise.

  • The ghosted planes are solid. Try experimenting with more angles as you use this exercise in your warm-ups.


  • The ellipses in planes nearly touch all four sides. However, I noticed some are diagnol and only reach two corners. Aim to touch the four edges of the planes, not the corners.

  • The table of ellipses meet all criteria for the exercise, except for being smoothly executed. That said, I see they are more smooth in your funnels assignment.


  • Speaking of smooth, the boxes in plotted perspective boxes assignment are well-executed. The rough perspective and rotated boxes look good too. The latter one especially meets all the criteria.

  • Now your organic boxes could use more diverse angles as I see you used a similar one for each, but other than that it seems fine. When you draw boxes as a warm up, I recommend practing line variation for more visual interest.