Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:10 PM, Monday February 1st 2021

Drawabox: Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/4XJmufO.jpg

Post with 18 views. Drawabox: Lesson 1

I did the initial exercies months before and finally got to finish with the rotated boxes and organic perspective.

I also did not expect to ever submit my work for review, that's why there are some doodles on the first pages.

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3:02 AM, Sunday February 14th 2021

Okay! I had a look through and wrote down some things I noticed, hopefully this doesn't come off too blunt, and can be helpful for you!

Superimposed lines: good!

Ghosted lines: the majority of them are good, a couple of them are wobbly, but that's alright.

Ghosted planes/ellipses: look good, don't forget that you can (and should) make points to ghost between, even on the "dividing" lines for the planes, and that for the ellipses, you only need to draw through 2-3 times.

Tables of ellipses: nice! you have good variation of sizes and shapes of your ellipses, but same comment as above for drawing through.

Funnels: look good, though you were allowed to use a ruler for the "dividing" lines down the middle of the funnels, you did well with it anyway.

Plotted perspective: it would have been good to draw multiple frames on the page and do multiple attempts at this, but the one you did make looks good!

Rough perspective: Two main problems here: you should have separated the page in 3 and done smaller "frames" on each page, as laid out the lesson guide. And you didn't do the line extensions, which are vital to understanding where each of your boxes is off-course, so to speak.

Rotated boxes: you have't finished this exercise either, you're missing the outermost corners. What you have done however, looks good

Organic perspective: looks good! you'll get far more practice in the 250 box challenge in terms of creating boxes.

Hopefully this helps and doesn't come off as too harsh!

Next Steps:

Before marking this as complete, I'd like you to finish the Rough Perspective exercise with the line extensions described in the lesson guide, and the Rotated Boxes filling in those outer corners. Best of luck!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
11:55 AM, Monday June 21st 2021

Hello, excuse the very late reply. Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback.

Here are my revisions:


Since the I had too many boxes in the rough perspective, the line extensions got super messy and you could barely see where the extensions go. So I decided to redo 1 page of the exericse, complete with three smaller "frames" as in the instructions.

I also coloured the sides of the rotated boxes, so it's more obvious where they are.

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2:43 PM, Friday June 17th 2022

I agree with JUMBLEDBYRD. Your lines look confident, Ellipses smooth and mostly accruate with ellipses mostly in line with your ellipses in planes, and with your revisions, everything is good. As you do these for warm ups try to keep in mind that your lines shouldn't ever really be drawn over and your ellipses minor axis should be in line to each other in the ellipses in planes.

Next Steps:

Continue onto the 250 boxes

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3:10 PM, Saturday June 18th 2022

Thank you so much for the additional feedback! I will note the point of not repeating lines, and I also reread the "ellipses in planes" exercise to better understand how to better plop them regarding major and minor axis, and will do it as my warmup.

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