12:57 PM, Saturday February 13th 2021

For those looking for something to fill 'the other 50%' Figuary is currently running. Run by love, life, drawing and croquis cafe it is great for getting some life drawing studies in and learning new techniques. Good way to balance Drawabox with a more gestural approach

Sure, I'm a bit late with this, but it's all on youtube etc if you do a search.

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2:03 PM, Saturday February 13th 2021

Just as a clarification in case someone misunderstands: figure drawing studies are studies, so they don't count for the other 50%, they are part of the study part like drawabox.

3:23 PM, Saturday February 13th 2021

Fair enough.

5:49 AM, Sunday February 14th 2021

This is too broad a statement. Figure drawings can be what a person wants to create. There are figure drawing artists just like there are portrait artists or landscape artists

8:02 AM, Sunday February 14th 2021

That there are figure drawing artist and portrait artist and landscape artists doesn't mean that studying a figure or a landscape or a portrait is not a study. I'm not saying they aren't art or anything like that.

11:45 AM, Sunday February 14th 2021

Well fair enough but I still don't agree. Yes a study is still a study even when the subject is interesting, but the line between personal project and study can be blurred. Just because you have a clear idea of what you want to improve on, or you're trying a new approach from a tutorial you just watched, doesn't mean it's just an exercise.

A figure drawing session, that includes both semi-structured content like figuary and some time to draw entirely as you please, seems like a good counter-balance to drawabox's "pure" exercises, and imo, it's counterproductive to discourage that by viewing everything educational as equivalent to grinding drawabox.

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5:52 AM, Sunday February 14th 2021

I'm really enjoying it too. Also very impressed by how they've been improving it each year

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