Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

8:25 PM, Thursday June 11th 2020

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Hi all,

I'm a beginner and have never had much (if any) drawing skill. Looking forward to studying with you.

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12:06 AM, Wednesday June 17th 2020

Hi Terry,

I decided to check your home work, so let's go with it.

Lines look confident and smooth, thats a good sign. Keep working with them by following these steps https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/9/levels to manage more accuracy. With Superimposed lines i will recommend you to work more on your Warm ups, to achieve your lines closer to each other.

Ellipses and circles look confident. In tables of ellipses you were keeping them close to frames. Keep doing them in your future warm ups to get for them better shapes. Avoid doing "egg" or "sausage" shapes. In funnel exercise looks good. it seems you managed to keep this same minor axis for your ellipses. Keep that in mind when you will be doing them in a warm ups.

Perspective exercises look fine. In Plotted one, good job. In rough perspective i like how close you are with your Vanishing lines. Your boxes look wonky, but i guessing you were trying to make them nice and accurate, what is normal for this exercise. Remember confidence is more important then accuracy.

Well done with your Homework. I am marking this Lesson as Complete and i recommend you to keep all of this exercises as a warm up. During them focus on your weaknesses and mistakes. Don't be afraid of mixing exercises. Use your imagination for it to manage that what you need.

Next Steps:

Go for 250 Box challenge

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11:46 PM, Wednesday June 17th 2020

Hi Hamsetro!

Thanks for the critique. I'm a complete noob so I am often unsure if I am doing things right or adequately. The suggestions are appreciated too. I just started with the 250 box challenge and will do some of the Lesson 1 exercises as warm up. The ghosted lines and planes are two that I do quite a bit since they really need improvement and will help me with the 250 box challenge. I intend to use the others also.

Thanks again!

12:02 AM, Thursday June 18th 2020

If you have a questions about your boxes ask about help or feedback on Discord from your current boxes :)

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