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11:13 PM, Sunday January 8th 2023
edited at 11:13 PM, Jan 8th 2023

Hello ahmed! Overall you've done a good job, but there are a few important things I want to talk about, let's go!

Starting with your organic forms, you're doing mostly a good job with the forms themselves! The main issues is that your lines are a bit wobbly, remember you should always draw your lines confidently regardless of accuracy, always ghost and then draw prioritizing confidence, both for the organic forms and for the contour curves themselves. Examples here

Into your insect drawings, overall you're doing a good job drawing them with solid forms, but there a few things important things it's important you correct:

-1. You aren't drawing through all the forms, make sure you draw all the organic forms completely even if you can't see them fully because they are covered by things. Examples

-2. Sometimes the organic forms don't have simple forms and get a bit more complex and stiffer. Make sure you always aim to make the organic forms like on the other exercise, 2 identical balls connected with a simple tube of consistent width. Example here

-3 Just like on the organic forms your lines are overall a bit wobbly at times, focus more on confidence and try to loosen up a bit and ghost more, remember it doesn't matter if your accuracy gets a bit worse!

-4 Sometimes you don't draw intersections between forms, all forms you put on paper must be connected in some way, so don't forget to draw all the intersections! Examples

Overall you've done a good job, but I want to see if you understood the things I explained, so first of all I want you to do one page of organic forms with curves to make sure you can draw organic forms with confident curves, try to loosen up on your warmups and remember, ghost and focus on confidence! It doesn't matter if some of your curves miss or aren't that accurate, make them as smooth as you can make them. After that I'll ask you to do a pair more of insects, good luck and keep up the good work!

Next Steps:

1 page of organic forms with curves

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 11:13 PM, Jan 8th 2023
4:48 PM, Tuesday January 10th 2023

hi elodin thank u so much for this


10:02 PM, Tuesday January 10th 2023

Hello! No problem! I can still see a bit of wobble on your organic forms, have you tried drawing faster to make the curves as confident as you can make them? Or still having trouble even drawing as fast as you can?

2:05 PM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

no its okay i need to find right speed and exercise what next

by the way

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