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11:15 AM, Monday November 15th 2021

I second checking out Fun with a Pencil, which is what I dipped into when wanting to learn how to draw the head in 2012. From memory, you draw a bunch of blobs and put features on them to start off with before moving on to the sphere. I couldn't draw circles very well at the time, so I simple traced a coin 20 times and then experimented with different ellipse configurations.

Another thing to try is to get a styrofoam ball (craft stores should have them), draw the verticle and horizonal lines in marker, and poke toothpicks through for the poles. You can then use this as an observational model to practise changing the angles, recording the different configurations of the ellipses, and move on to making up your own configurations.

6:48 PM, Monday November 15th 2021

This is a great idea, thanks!

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How to Draw by Scott Robertson

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