While master ellipse templates are certainly acceptable for what we're doing in this course, they are inevitably not without their shortcomings - one of those being the limited degrees available. Given this situation, I would generally approximate what would be the closest to what I need, and there are definitely situations where that would result in both sides of a wheel being drawn with an ellipse of the same degree. Technically not "correct", but given the relatively small distance between the different ends of a wheel, the foreshortening is going to be fairly shallow and limited, making this not such a huge problem. When I notice it, it is something I call out, but usually in the context of "I assume this was due to the limitations of your ellipse guide". Also, going forward we're working pretty hard to try and offer full ellipse guides (or at least fuller ellipse guides) at a much cheaper price, and are currently exploring the options for laser cutters to produce them ourselves. Of course it'll be a bit before we can actually start selling them.

You may want to look into some of the other submissions for this challenge - that may help give you a better sense of how they were approached.