250 Box Challenge

6:42 PM, Wednesday February 5th 2020

20200205_184635.jpg - Google Drive

Google Docs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-DRhhGuacIoW6iRq3zBjT1TReo_pisz/view?usp=sharing

This is the best I could make these photos for now.

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12:55 AM, Thursday February 6th 2020

Hey there Boarjibs! So, I can't see your challenge from that link. It's only coming up with one image. Just reply to this thread with the link to the full collection and we'll be able to give you your critique. Thanks!

4:41 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

Ah, my bad. heres a new link

9:39 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

Hey there! Really great work getting through the whole challenge! I definitely enjoy the cat snoot, although I did get a bit spooked before I figured out what it was lol

So your line work is very strong here. You show a great deal of confidence in each mark and as a result, your lines are straight and well-thought out. Admittedly, it does get a little sloppy towards the end of the challenge, but I can understand if fatigue is a factor there. I do want to warn you against the tendency to go back over mistakes with another line, as this tends to draw the eye rather than cover up the mistake. Unless the line is wildly off the mark, it's okay to simply leave it as it will generally go unnoticed. Other than that, though, really nice work with your mark-making

As for your convergences, you do show a decent amount of improvement, but there are a few things I want to go over here:

First, I definitely recommend trying a wider range of foreshortening - at the moment, you've stuck mainly to shallow foreshortening and I believe this may have been a missed learning opportunity for you. Dramatic foreshortening often allows you to get a sense of how convergences should look, as the VP is usually close enough to be on the page.

Second, quite a few of your pages have your correction lines extending in the wrong direction. They should always be pointed away from the viewer, giving your brain the opportunity to learn where you went right or wrong with these lines.

Because of these two things, while you certainly improve in terms of convergences, I don't think you were able to take it as far as you could have.

Take a look at these notes. They go over the angle between the correction lines as they approach the box and how keeping an eye on this relationship can help you with your convergences. Likewise, considering each line in relation to the lines with which it shares a vanishing point rather than the lines with which it shares a plane or a corner may do the same.

Next Steps:

Overall, I think you did a very good job getting through the challenge, but I would like to see 15 more boxes constructed with this feedback in mind. Make sure your correction lines are extending away from the viewer and try more dramatic foreshortening so you can get that into your toolbox.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:29 AM, Sunday February 9th 2020

Hi Sluggydragon,

Im impressed you could make it out as a cat snoot, I'll definitely be improving on my doodling the coming time.

Here's a link to the additional 15 boxes.

I do have one question: Is it wise to start with warmups before starting already? Ive seen it mentioned in the lessons but only as something that will be done later on, I've not yet heard that starting gun.


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