Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:39 PM, Thursday May 21st 2020

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I actually had this done a long time ago, but I am resubmitting now to clear myself up for official critique for the 250 box challenge as community review said to move on. But if there is anything to redo or work on here, I am more than happy to.

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6:53 AM, Monday May 25th 2020

Hi there, I'll be handling your lesson 1 critique.

I see that you did this about a month ago, doing critiques when there's a large time gap like this can be a bit tricky because some of the things I go over you may feel you have already realized and fixed. So just keep in mind that if I call out mistakes or examples that you feel you've improved upon since you've completed this I'm just working off your past attempts. I bring this up because I did check and notice that you did the 250 box challenge as well, and that in itself (if done correctly) is a ton of mileage where you may have improved.

With that out of the way let's start with your Lines section.

Starting off with the super imposed lines you do seem to struggle with longer and curved lines which is expected, your accuracy will improve with time and reduce the fraying. You just want to make sure you're drawing confidently with your shoulder and make sure you're not wobbling/arcing.

In the ghosted lines and planes exercises you do struggle with confidence which results in some wobbling and arcing occurring. I will admit I took a peak at your 250 boxes just to see if your line quality improved, normally I would stress the importance of line quality over accuracy at this point and that you don't need to worry as much about hitting your ending point as you do about keeping the line confident. I didn't look long enough to see the quality of your boxes, but I did notice that your line quality has improved so I won't stress about it too much in this critique.

On to your Ellipses.

I'm glad to see you're experimenting with shapes and sizes in this section. A couple things I'll note are that again you're struggling with confidence here, your ellipses have a tendency to wobble quite a bit which is a sign you may not be engaging your shoulder enough. As well as the fact that you end up with pinched ends and squared edges showing you may be slowing down to try and keep your ellipse in the boundaries rather then focusing on creating a confident smooth mark.

You do have a habit of drawing through your ellipses a lot, remember you only want to do so 2 or 3 times or else it starts to get a bit messy. I will say that your attempt at keeping your ellipses aligned by the funnel's central minor axis is pretty solid, just remember that you want to keep them divided equally when doing this exercise as a warm up in the future as a lot of people tend to forget. You may want to work on your spacing of ellipses in your funnels as well, you have some noticeable gaps instead of keeping them tightly against each other as seen in the mistake example here. One final thing I'll note in this section is that your ellipses are quite loose, this may be a sign you're not taking the time to ghost and plan your ellipses enough, although the confidence issues could be a factor as well.

Lastly let's go over your Boxes.

Great job on the plotted perspective exercise.

Your line quality hampers these last few exercises quite a bit, so I'll try not to stress that fact too much seeing as you've shown improvement in your more recent work.

With the rough perspective exercise most of your correction lines converge towards the vanishing point which shows a grasp of the perspective concepts being taught here. The line quality definitely betrays you a bit here but you want to make sure you keep your horizontal lines parallel and your vertical lines perpendicular to the horizon line to the best of your abilities. Not doing so makes things look less solid overall. (Again you may have fixed this by now, but I'm judging based on what's in front of me currently.)

In the rotated box exercise you did achieve some rotation, you do want to work on your keeping your spacing a bit neater and more even in the future however. By keeping the spacing even and tight you can use nearby boxes as a guide of sorts when planning your currently lines. Like most people you struggled with the corner sections which is expected, but overall this is a solid attempt.

Your boxes in the organic perspective exercise could be constructed to appear more solid, but assuming you've gone through the box challenge correctly you'll know how to do this by the time I critique this. With that said I'll just say that you show you understand the further away a box is the smaller it gets, when doing this exercise as a warm up you may want to push this concept more. You kept the size differences fairly tame which results in your mid sections looking a bit flat where you could have it appear more dynamic by having more variety overall.

Overall this is a good start, I would honestly be much more concerned if I didn't take a peek at your later work but having glimpsed at it I'm not as worried. I will say that your ellipses do need work and you should take some extra time to sit down and work on them. I would have asked for some extra work showing you have a grasp of drawing them confidently but seeing as you have to wait 2 weeks before submitting your 250 box challenge I'll instead just ask you to work on them during that waiting period (as well as making sure you draw for yourself, remember the 50/50 rule in lesson 0.)

Remember to ghost a few times, and draw your ellipses in a smooth confident single stroke just like you would a line.

Good luck with your future attempts and your 250 box critique. I hope you find the later material helpful and achieve your goals.

Next Steps:

Practice previous exercises as warm ups.

Try to improve your ellipses and overall confidence.

Submit your 250 box challenge work for critique before moving on to lesson 2.

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
6:10 AM, Tuesday May 26th 2020

Thank you very much for the lengthy critique despite it possibly being outdated, I will continue to work on the warmups and thankfully I have been doing mostly elipses in planes to practice my confident lines and ellipses. So hopefully there is already improvement. Thank you again for your time, I shall see you or some other teacher in a few weeks for the 250 boxes.

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