Hi Asury, I'll be giving you a critique about your submission.

For superimposed lines, it's important to place your pen at the start of your line so all of your superimposed lines will flare from the same point. We draw our lines in a single motion from our shoulder, when we lock that joint in we don't change the directory of our line as we draw it. I see that your lines wobbled 2-3 times, which is an indicator that you might not be using your shoulder.

Same thing goes for the ghosted lines, however you have confident lines which is drawn in a single motion. It'll be beneficial for you to increase the length of your strokes as you get more confident in drawing straight lines.

In tables of ellipses, you filled with some areas with ellipses in different sizes and lenghts. We're not trying to make a mosaic or texture of ellipses, rather we keep them in the same length and lock them into their direction so we're practicing drawing the same ellipse over and over.

We tend to draw over our wrong lines in an attempt to correct them, however it brings more attention to our mistakes that way and makes it hard to judge the quality of your strokes. If you draw a line in the wrong way try to leave it be.

Good job on your progress so far. Remember to draw from your shoulder and read the instructions carefully before you move on.