when I can finally stop doing 50% rule?

5:54 PM, Tuesday February 20th 2024

ive been doing the 50% rule all the time when i started drawing i got used to it but it can be a problem like when you dont have a timer when going in other places or having to do other timers witch can be hard. also it can be frustrating. when can i have a break from it and learn skills as much as i want is is fun to draw some cool ideas but i dont see other professional or other artist used it (mainly because that they didint hear about it or havent been a drawbox student)

do it so does it mean that when im no longer a student can i finaly be free from the 50% and can i choose when not doing the 50% anymore and does the 50% only counts for when drawing at home

let me know

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9:28 PM, Tuesday February 20th 2024

The spirit of the 50% rule is to influence the way we think about how we engage with art and creativity, to balance out the constant need to improve and to be doing something "worthwhile" (in other words, not wasting our time) with the opposite. It's not about timing yourself, or anything specific - it's about ensuring that first we rehabilitate those students who've developed extremely unhealthy relationships with learning through traditional academics, and those who see drawing as only valuable if other people value the result.

I'd say you can "stop doing the 50% rule" once it has fundamentally wormed its way into the way in which you engage with your creative pursuits. If you find yourself drawing for the hell of it regularly, without resistance, but rather actively wanting to do it, and if you find yourself not being frustrated with things coming out poorly, then the 50% rule has done its job. At that point, you're in a good position to decide how you divide up your time for yourself.

I would however continue to hold to it intentionally as long as you're working through this course at the very least, because those habits, and the damage the expectations and factory-production-line strategies traditional academics impose, are not easily undone.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "does the 50% only counts for when drawing at home".

As a side note, I noticed that you appear to be posting each individual page of your Lesson 1 homework as a separate submission, resulting in a ton of partial submissions. This isn't really how the website is intended to be used - you're much better off just waiting until you're done a Lesson in its entirety, submit all the pages to a single imgur album, then use the link to the imgur album to submit a complete homework submission as explained in this video from Lesson 0 (at the 13:56 timestamp).

10:57 AM, Wednesday February 21st 2024

What i meant by does the 50% rule only counts in home is i was also drawing in school or at other places name it up that i always asking for a timer to do my 50% rule but and especially in school hard to find a timer to do the 50% rule and also im lazy to tell how much ive been learning and drawing for fun so it means that can i only do the 50% when im drawing at home.

4:16 PM, Wednesday February 21st 2024

Wherever you do it, it counts, not just at home. You also don't strictly need to time anything - like I said before, it's just about ensuring you're striving to balance things in general, and not just focusing only on studies the whole time.

It seems you're adding things that weren't mentioned in the lesson material, and that's causing you to confuse yourself. We don't mention timers, or where you actually do that "play" at all.

Focus on what's mentioned in the material.

11:24 AM, Wednesday February 21st 2024

also does this mean that i dont have to use a timer for the 50% and just learning or studying and then i draw for the fun? heres an example: i read and watched one of the parts of the lesson in drawabox and then drawing a parody of bob ross once im finished with drawing that i go study an artist and then draw a dog taking a poopoo.

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8:40 PM, Wednesday February 28th 2024

Just try to balance it out, you don’t even need a timer. Also, it is recommended to do the 50% rule, however it is your choice to do it or not. It will be highly recommended to do the 50% rule, at least for when you are in the first few lessons. I’m not really sure about though. 50% rule is just used to expand your imagination, and get the gist of your drawing, and it is recommended you do it all the time. This is just coming from me, someone who hasn’t even completed lesson 1, so the information may not be that accurate. Hope this helped!

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