What's the longest I can go without submitting a lesson when doing official critiques?

1:17 AM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

I may need to take a hiatus from Drawabox soon so I'd like to know how long I can pause before I'd have to redo lessons.

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3:44 AM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

There's no specific time limit. When you get back, you'll be able to choose to get back up to speed by focusing on warmups for a week or two (that is, the exercises from previous lessons), and if you feel you can continue where you left off, you certainly may. If in critiquing a lesson we feel that your familiarity with the concepts of the lessons up to that point have completely fallen away, then we may ask you to start over or revisit specific lessons - though that is uncommon and has only happened in cases of hiatuses of over a year so far.

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4:45 AM, Saturday September 4th 2021


As you know you have a credit each month which expires after two months. If you don't have to pause for a long time (3 or 4 months) you can choose lot let some credit expires and come back. The money is not lost and is used by uncomfortable for the website maintenance and to ensure that futur students can still access for free to the lessons.

The best thing is a send a email hello at drawbox dot com and ask them this question. They'll have precisely the answer.

Have a nice day!

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In terms of line weight, the sizes are pretty weird. 08 corresponds to 0.5mm, which is what I recommend for the drawabox lessons, whereas 05 corresponds to 0.45mm, which is pretty close and can also be used.

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