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11:20 AM, Saturday January 30th 2021
edited at 11:29 AM, Jan 30th 2021

Hi! I've completed my revisions of the recommended exercises. Here is the link:

I still notice a lot of curving and overshooting in my Revised Ghosted Planes, but I've also been doing this exercise to warm up since then and I think I'm beginning to improve.

I feel that the ellipses in my Revised Funnels are a little shakier this time around because I focused more on trying to fit them in the funnels.

For the Revised Rotated Boxes, I added line weight and hatching. To add line weight, I'd go over the strokes multiple times, but sometimes I'd struggle to keep it consistent, so there's some visible fraying. I also used a greater angle of rotation for the outer boxes. I think it turned out much better this time!

Finally, for the Revised Organic Perspective, I don't think I showed much improvement. You can see that I still struggle with keeping opposite sides of the boxes parallel. I am conscious of how they should be; it's just that my estimates when I plot them are off. Hopefully I'll get better at it as I tackle the 250 Box Challenge. Since this was the last exercise I completed, I feel that you can see the improvement I made in drawing straight, confident individual lines, compared to my Revised Ghosted Planes assignment.

Please don't feel obligated to critique these revisions, but if you want to give any input, I always appreciate it!

edited at 11:29 AM, Jan 30th 2021
12:10 AM, Tuesday February 2nd 2021

Dear Francis,

They look great! I definitely notice improvement, especially with the funnels and and the rotated boxes (these look great). While the issues you mentioned still exist to some degree in the organic perspective and ghosted planes exercises, you will get a lot of practice in the 250 boxes exercises.

It looks to me like you are definitely ready to tackle the 250 boxes exercise. Good luck - I'm doing it now, and it takes a lot longer than it looks, but I'm also finding it to be a lot more fun than the earlier exericises.

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