Overwhelmed and Stuck

6:49 PM, Friday November 24th 2023

Any advice on feelings overwhelmed and stuck on the assignments?

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12:36 PM, Saturday November 25th 2023
edited at 12:37 PM, Nov 25th 2023

I was stuck at the texture studies for a couple years because I fixated to the point where I made it more overwhelming than it actually was. I knew from experience that I can occasionally do that to myself and knew I just had to not let myself be intimidated and take things a step at a time.

Ultimately I started paying for official critiques and made myself take it more seriously. I briefly upped my ADHD meds and powered through it.

Of course, ymmv. I could maybe help more if you gave more specifics.

For what it is worth I trust that, if it is something you really want, then you can do it(become good at art). Obviously I don't know you. And it isn't that I believe this is something so easy that just anybody can do. Art is very hard. It is the distillation, a hyperfocusing, of all our basest struggles and doubts. But ultimately it just requires confidence in one's self, constant effort, and desire. The things that stop a person from being good at art are all in that person's decisions. They can be overcome with just a daily choice to dedicate yourself to doing better than the day before. It is both simple and difficult in that way.

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6:37 AM, Wednesday November 29th 2023

Yeah you're right, thank you for the advice, I'm just going to take my time, try not to overthink it and power through.

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12:21 AM, Sunday November 26th 2023

For some context, I started DrawABox 3 times and quit, and this is my 4th attempt.

For me, what's helped is breaking down assignments into the smallest bits I can handle as well as having grace with myself. For instance, for Lesson 1 I'd split reading the lesson and doing the lesson into seperate days and even split the reading too if I'm feeling overwhelmed with the information. Then for the homework I'd try to do just 1 page that day, and if I can't complete a page then I'd just shelf it for the next time.

I try to complete the assginments on a consistent basis, but I am only human and have problems and life to deal with. This can lead to days where I'm too tired to work or where I just simply forget. Or sometimes I do the page and feel like I did a bad job. What has helped me get through it though is remembering that while it sucks to feel bad about not getting the result I wanted or not having the ability to work at all, that's just life. We all make mistakes, we all are busy, and none of us is going to get better by wokring ourselves to the bone.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck, I'd advise taking a step back and even taking a break! Go watch a movie or draw some cool stuff or clean your room or whatever. Come back to the assignment when you feel energized and ready to go. If you don't know where to go next with an assignment, ask for help and take that feedback into account. I hope this advice helps and you're able to get back on your feet again.

6:36 AM, Wednesday November 29th 2023

Yeah I think I'm just being too hard on myself and getting in my own head, thank you for this advice I'll continue at my own pace.

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9:51 PM, Tuesday December 5th 2023

The tip I can give is for you to take a break from drawing for a week, but another tip that might make drawing more interesting and for you to study different things, and vary it, for example, on one day you study a little about animals, on the another about landscapes and so on, because repeating the same task makes the study very boring and mechanical, besides it is important when you are studying, to focus on understanding the subject, not on making the study look beautiful, since as much The better you understand the subject, the greater your quality will be when applying it to your drawings. Furthermore, I recommend you take some time, even if it's just 10 minutes, to draw whatever comes to mind, without or with some references, focusing on having fun drawing just because you want to draw something, over time, this will help you draw without so much reference, although they are important, but this will allow you to draw what you want, being a really cool way to do it. fun, and taking away some of the burden of having to make beautiful and super well-made drawings, so my recommendation is to try to make the task more fun, and remember that it is important to ask questions about how you can improve and have to correct what you ended up making mistakes, thinking that your mistakes show where you can improve.

I hope this helps you in some way, a hug.

5:11 PM, Thursday December 7th 2023

I honestly think taking too long of a break was the biggest cause of this issue even if it was necessary at the time, it was hard jumping back into my studies after, I'm still struggling now but it's gotten better. Yeah I've been neglecting making art for fun so I've been trying to start every session just making what I want and it has helped a bit. I'll keep in mind what you have said. Thank you for the advice.

6:58 PM, Thursday December 7th 2023

About taking a break, it's always very difficult to get back into the routine as it was before, so when you come back from a break, you gradually increase your study time, until you go back to studying for the time you normally study, I've been through this problem with taking a break and when I came back it ended up taking a while for me to get used to normal time again, so don't blame yourself if you're not able to study as much after coming back from a break, that's normal, so increase the time a little each day, until the standard time.

8:12 PM, Thursday December 7th 2023

Yeah I'll take it little by little and will try to be more patient with myself. Thank you.

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