Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:48 AM, Wednesday July 14th 2021

Lesson 1 - Google Drive

Lesson 1 - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1kdH12ghfQbyYN_ECaW0pxv-XEiyzqLj5

have finished all my lesson 1 homework! (^^)

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12:40 PM, Wednesday July 14th 2021

hi, i'll be handling your critique

starting off with your lines overall you've done pretty good here, and you followed the instructions that was shown in the page, however, as you tackled the ghosted lines and planes exercise you started to had some wobbly lines that's either showing a subtle s or c curved line, this means that you've mainly prioritized accuracy rather than confident lines, and the main objective of this section is prioritizing confidence over accuracy as said here.

for your ellipses there are times where you've drawn some ellipses around once only which makes your ellipse looks wobbly or uneven, so you should've drawn through your ellipse around twice or thrice, ideally two to make it look neat. also i'd point out that we're drawing an ellipse not a oval, since there are times where you're ellipses are showing a sharped edge in one side and a rounded edge on the other making it look like an egg or an oval,remember that an ellipse should always have symmetry in both sides.

now onto your boxes this are some points that i'll mention:

  • for your rough perspective you made pretty good guesses, as your vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon line and horizontal parallel to it, although you had wobbly lines and you started to add some light almost fainted lines and marked a bold smooth line on top of it, you shouldn't be repeating a line as it is a bad habit, and would either hide your mistake or make it much more visible.

  • for the rotated boxes, you've done pretty well here since this is suppose to be the most hardest exercise in lesson 1, and it seemed that you knew some tricks so you didn't drown on the deep end of the pool(analogy from comfy), although your gaps are pretty big, but overall you've done great here!

  • for the organic perspective, you've done a nice attempt here, in some cases you had some repeating lines in one of your boxes, and you also had foreshortening.

overall this is a pretty solid l1 submission and there is still room for improvement. i'd mainly suggest to add the superimposed exercise and the ghosted lines w/ ellipses exercise to your warmups for the upcoming 250 box challenge and lesson 2, you can add any type of exercise into your warmups but it's recommended for you to do atleast 2 or 3 exercises which last around 5-15 mins.

Next Steps:

Tackle the 250-box challenge

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8:55 AM, Thursday July 15th 2021
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woah that was really helpful thank you so much!

edited at 5:53 PM, Jul 27th 2021
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