Hi Kukamu, I'll critique this.


Your Superimposed Lines are looking very confident. I do see a bit of fraying on both ends (or something similar), so you might want to pay close attention to where you put your pen before you start making a mark.

From what I can see, your Ghosted Lines got better as you went. I'd suggest that you work on confidence first (making a smooth, near-straight stroke), and then work on hitting both points. You might want to ghost a bit more, trying to get comfortable with one specific motion, and then executing your mark.

The lines of your Ghosted Planes look wobbly. Again, you should try to get familiar with one motion for the mark you're going to make. Once you got a motion down, execute that mark with the same motion. Any and all opportunity to fail that mark passes as you make the mark. So just ghost, get comfy with one smooth motion, and then do the same motion, trusting your arm to do the rest. I'm sure you'll nail it with time and practice.


Your Tables of Ellipses got decently better over time. Again, after ghosting for a good amount, let your arm do the motion again to the best of its ability. We're aiming for confident, smooth ellipses first. Once you have confidence down, you can start to work on fitting them snugly.

Your funnels look pretty good. I can see you got more confident with certain ellipses. When you plan to go back to this exercise, just be sure to prepare/ghost more.

Your Ellipses in Planes look wonky. There are some that were smoothly executed, but a lot of them try to reach the edges instead of being even. Though we try to hit the four edges, it's not our first priority. Keep in mind we prioritize getting the ellipses smoothly first, then hitting all four edges. I think its best to think of it as though the planes aren't actually there. That way, it gives better peace of mind when ghosting and executing.


You did Plotted Perspective well. No real issue there aside from a couple weird vertical lines here and there.

You followed the steps of Rough Perspective well. Though you should go back and check the convergences of the depth lines with a different-colored pen.

For Rotated Boxes, the outer boxes of the plus/axis don't have any real rotation in comparison the the box next to them. Some gaps weren't really narrow enough. As a result, the boxes on the corners look rough. I'd say you should make these boxes a tad bit smaller, and keep your gaps narrow.

For Organic Perspective, you did follow each step correctly. And you played around with the smaller-and-bigger boxes idea of far and near boxes very well. Nice job.


You were pretty half-and-half when it came to either prioritizing confidence or accuracy. Work on confidence, then accuracy. I can tell you have a good idea as to how ghosting benefits, so just ghost until you're comfortable making the motion for the mark. It looks like you knew what you were doing for the boxes exercises for the most part. On the whole though, there is a lot of room for improvement. And I'm sure you can improve once you put your mind to it. I think there should be some revisions. Try your best, and don't be too hard on yourself. If anything, really great job on your first time with these concepts.