Should I do lesson 1 again?

10:47 AM, Monday March 29th 2021

Hi! So basically, like 2 years ago I started lesson 1, uploaded my homework to discord and then continued to do the 250 box challenge, took a long time on it but when I was about to finish I stopped for personal reasons, then I decided to finish the 250 boxes a couple days ago and when I came back to the site I saw that theres an option to upload homework here now, so I’m not sure if i should do lesson 1 again or upload my homework from 2 years ago, I just think if I upload the old one it will show the progress between lesson 1 and the 250 boxes better? Also I really don’t want to do 250 boxes again... but if I absolutly have to, I guess I will (Also sorry if my grammar/spelling is weird, english is not my first lenguage)

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2:43 PM, Wednesday March 31st 2021

Heya! So yeah, my opinion would be to start lesson 1 again, so much time has elapsed that it would make a great refresher and it wouldn't do any harm! There's actually new videos that umcomfortable has released so the resources have improved since you last tried!

HOWEVER, all that being said, if you feel like you still grasp certain things, like superimposed lines and whatnot, you could skip over that, and if you draw boxes in planes and understand perspective and whatnot, you could move on! It's really up to yourself, but that's just my opinion haha

8:36 PM, Wednesday March 31st 2021

Hi! thank you for your answer, I actually didn't know there were new videos! I'll watch those too

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7:38 PM, Monday March 29th 2021

i would say just submit what you have and move on. I feel like if you start from acratch you might burnout and drop off again. You can always go back and draw more boxes later for yourself if you feel like that's a good practice (and you enjoy the practice)

8:29 PM, Monday March 29th 2021

okay! I'll do that then, thank you!

10:10 AM, Tuesday March 30th 2021


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1:54 PM, Wednesday March 31st 2021

I would do lesson 1 again and then go on to the other lessons.

I´ll do lesson 1 every day as a warm up

8:27 PM, Wednesday March 31st 2021

Thank you for your answer! I actually did a lot of warm ups that I remembered from lesson 1 before finishing my boxes, at least enough so I could get back to do smooth lines. I already submited the old homework tho, so I guess I'll just re read the lesson and do the excersices for myself hehe

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10:32 PM, Thursday April 1st 2021

Hi! I have recently but already read a lot of everything on this site and if I understood the concept correctly, then for good you should start all over again. This is a rather rigorous course of study, and so on. As I understand, you have not returned to this course for 2 years and therefore I would advise you to repeat the material and a couple of exercises, I do not know how about a complete retraining, it is only for your opinion - how much you are ready to go to the next lessons in terms of level. In fact, it's cool that after such a long time you decided to come back here, I believe in you and the fact that you will succeed.

I'm sorry, my first language is Russian, so my English is not very good.

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