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5:12 PM, Saturday February 4th 2023

Heyo :)

Somehow i completely missed that we were allowed (or even encouraged) to focus on one direction to draw our lines in the first exercise ^^

I see your point with the corner boxes (Rotated Boxes), i was a little confused about them. Guess this exercise and the Funnels are getting some priority in my warm ups for now.

Haha... I actually try to keep my enthusiasm down and take a more moderate and measured approach this time around. (I tried DAB 3+ years ago on my own, but got frustrated and burned out midway through lesson 2, when my fear of failure got the better of me and had me quit drawing altogether shortly after xD)

Thank you for the thorough critique and the encouraging words!

8:28 AM, Sunday February 5th 2023

Yeah burnout can be a real pain, i'd keep the 50-50 rule in mind, it really helps.

It can be anything really, a doodle, fanart, anything that let's you just relax and enjoy drawing for the sake of drawing. I like to breakdown panels from my favourite manga and try to recreate them, it helped me alot to improve my art as well.

Also, the box challenge is hard so here, might help:

If you have any questions you can also go over to the DAB discord

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