Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:47 AM, Tuesday March 1st 2022

Drawabox homework - Google Drive

Drawabox homework - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-3Hc5y2wWRKJ99hxg6pjQ6ppjQvBy9hw

this took me a plenty of time, two weeks.

I've got no picture of the planes of ghosted lines lesson because i filled them with ellipses before i realized that i had to take a photo.

Elipses made me go tho other page and try some before i started, wasn't even able to draw a decent one.

for rotated boxes i did two of them because for the first one, i made 3 failed lines, making the second i realized while doing another mistake that i was grinding, and that was something we are supposed to avoid do i kept moving forward with the exercise.

I'm happy to be here and I'll really appreciate your advice guys, i was struggling with shading and stuff and didn't even know how to make a good line, now i know but that doesn't mean that i can make good lines always, most of the time i fail but that's ok, and i feel I'm really improving, i have not much time and homeworks take time, but i hope to have the will and determination to keep walking through this way, i kinda really like drawing.

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4:00 PM, Tuesday March 1st 2022

Hello and welcome I’ll be handling the critique for your lesson 1 homework


-The superimposed lines are off to a great start as you have always started at a clearly defined point and kept all of the wavering on one side, they are also drawn with a good deal of confidence and I do not see any wobbling. We do have the expected fraying at the ends but this tends to disappear with more practice.

-Moving on to the ghosted lines, these are also drawn with confidence and they follow a consistent trajectory even if they are going to miss the ending point which is exactly what we are looking for. I notice that your lines tend to arch slightly especially the longer ones, this means that you probably need more time to get comfortable with drawing from your shoulder. A thing that can always help you is to try to arch your lines in the opposite direction, this way they can end up more straight.

-The ghosted planes are no different from the ghosted lines , and here you are also doing a great job committing to those lines.


-The tables of ellipses are looking tidy rather than rushed and I can see that you have kept the angle, degree and spacing of these in mind. Main thing here is that sometimes they end up being uneven, remember to always aim to draw evenly spaced and symmetrical ellipses. Overall this is a step in the right direction.

-The ellipses in planes are turning out well but I have one thing to call out, you might be thinking that the center of the ellipses is the same as the center of the planes or that you should modify the elliptical ellipse shape so it touches the contact points, but this is not the case. Ellipses have to be symmetrical and have the same shape regardless of where they are, so the only things you can change is how wide the ellipse is and which position it is in.

-The funnels are turning out nicely and it is great to see that your ellipses have not stiffened and are drawn with confidence, you are also doing a great job when fitting the ellipses within the boundaries and the alignment is correct as the minor axis cuts each ellipse into equal halves. Overall you did a great job on this section.


-On the rough perspective your linework is looking confident which has definitely helped your boxes look more believable and solid, you are also doing a great job aligning the sides of the boxes to the horizon line and lastly, your estimations to the vanishing point are good and they will get better with practice.

-The rotated boxes are turning out well as you have kept the gaps between boxes narrow and consistent and you are clearly thinking about the rotation. Remember to put 5 boxes on each row/column I can see that you are working with 7 on each one, there is no need to make this exercise more complicated than it already is, anyways, one thing that can always help you is to give each of your drawings as much room as you can, this way it will be easier to ghost and draw your marks, they will end up more confident while maintaining good accuracy

-Finishing with the organic perspective the linework is looking confident the main thing I want to call out is that you should not let the boxes cut off each other, there will be times when we have a lot of objects clumped together, instead of allowing them to cut off each other, we draw them in their entirety. The best thing you can do is add lineweight to the overlapping parts to clarify which are in front and which ones are behind, take a look at this image which shows how to apply lineweight correctly.

That is it for now, you can address all of these issues in the future, I’ll go ahead and mark this lesson as complete. Remember to use these exercises as warmups from now on. Good luck

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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8:09 PM, Wednesday March 16th 2022
edited at 8:13 PM, Mar 16th 2022

Hi, im sorry i didnt answered before i really aopreciate that you had taken some of you time to review me, i hope to help Newcommers soon as well. I was on the 250boxes trial.

Just as you said arching my línes on the opposite direction had helped me a lot, after 250boxes still happens some times more if i am not focused.


Yes it is still difficult to draw a synetrical ellips, they sometimes looks like eggs i still do those for warming up even for the boxes drawing.

-oh i did not understand the instruction then, i remembered my clases long ago and forgot avout this indication, thanks for claryfing.


After 250 boxes i feel everything comes from boxes hahaha i see the everywhere.

-rotated boxes: oh, that explains why it was so difficult haha, i Will take that advice, to give enough space for my drawing i notice that i always draw in half of a Page... Not for this excercise though, but for my free drawing i do.

As i said in the beginning i really appreciate your advice, hope you the Best on your Journey, i hope to see you on the upper circles of lessons some Day.

edited at 8:13 PM, Mar 16th 2022
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