Okay I'm going to review what you've worked on.

Lines Section

Superimposed Lines: I'm not sure what is going on with some of them as I can see random lines going across. I'm not sure what is going on. There is a little bit of wobblyness but I can see you getting more confident each time.

Ghosting Lines: Confidence in lines really is showing here and points are being connected, well done.

Ghosted planes: I wish these had been included without elipses drawn on them so I can see what they looked like before. I think you undersand what was being asked in the directions.

Elipses Section

Talbe of Elipses: There are some that are breaking out of boundries but most are snug and tight as shown in directions. Good.

Elipses in Planes: Here I see more of the elipeses not touching the ends of the tables but none seem to be breaking out of bounds. There was one plane missed with no elipse too.

Funnels: Here the elipses are your best to me. So there is improvment.

Boxes section

Plotted persepctive: The only thing I notice is that your boxes are missing the hatching on them. It helps to see which face is facing the viewer. But even without this, I can see you undrstood what was being asked and did a good job.

Rough Perspective: A number of the examples, your extension lines are going way off to other places, but not your line drawn. I then see they are later, but it's hard to tell which image came first to see if there's been improvment.

Rotate Boxes: A little rough and hathcing missing, but overall good job.

Organic Perspective: It looks to me you have the overall idea of the lesson.

Final thoughts

My only thing is when uploading please upload the images in order done as instructed in the lesson. This way we can tell what came first and really see if there is improvment.