Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

3:50 PM, Thursday March 31st 2022

DrawaBox Lesson 1  by HopperHope - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/b9y2lbB.jpg

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Hope i did things right, feedback is apprecieted

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11:08 AM, Friday April 1st 2022


The Superimposed Lines : No wobble lines but there are some fraying lines at the start point which should have not been.

The Ghosted Lines : They seems pretty clean. However there are quite few lines which doesn't stop at the end point. They go over. Not only draw the confident and straight line but stop at the point. Therefore we see this kind of line in the ghost planes as well.

Your Table of Ellipses are more tight and connected to each other than the ghost planes of ellipses. Your ellipses in planes are quite loose. Try to attach the line of ellipsis to the line of plane.

Funnel: They are quite symmetrical.

All kind of your boxes are so nice.

Next Steps:

Find 2 agreements and move on to the 250 box challenges. Keep in mind what I mention in your work.


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5:29 PM, Friday April 1st 2022

Ty so much for having time to critique my drawing, fore the ghosted line/plane i really struggle to finish the line to the end point, the tecnique suggested in lesson 1 work but i have trouble using it, i think more i do and really put time on theme should resolve right??(or so i hope). I will do more work on ellipses. Again ty lily for spend your time for me, you really helped me hope you hav a good day :))) (sorry if did some error im not native english speaker)

11:32 PM, Friday April 1st 2022


Since we draw everyday and use the exercises as warm-up by using the ghost method, our lines and confidence will come. So you are right, spend your time to do it. It will improve your markmaking.

Have a nice day!

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