Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

9:42 AM, Wednesday November 2nd 2022

Drawabox lesson 2 - Google Drive

Drawabox lesson 2 - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bZtHbRIAQi2UVCY2H1IM9312rpT-BEPJ


I subconsciously know I made mistakes but I can't really figure them out

I hope you guys will help me out

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8:26 PM, Wednesday November 2nd 2022


I am JustCuteGirlz and I will be doing your critique for you today. I will be going from exercise to exercise give you advice or things that I think need some improvement.

  • 2 Pages of Organic Arrows

    These were very good and show you understand depth

  • Organic forms

Your sausage forms were very well formed. One thing i noticed was your elipses were a little wabbley. Do some elipse table practices during your warm ups to bring back those confident elipses. Do so will help increase the 3-D effect of your sausage forms.

  • Texture Analysis/ Dissections

    With the texture analysis and dissections you need more of a range of values. Compare the image below with your own texture analysis.


To the far left there is nothing but black that then bleeds into the texture. Yours however does not do that and for the dissections I would of like to see that increased range as well.

  • Form Intersections

    Your form intersections look good however I did notice that some of your boxes do not have 3 point perspective. Think back to when you were doing the 250 box challenge and the methods you used there to draw your boxes to make sure your sides end at their correct vanishing point.

  • Organic Intersections

Make sure your shadows follow the contours of not only that shape that casts them, but the form they are on top of too.

read this for more info: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/9/shadows

Overall very good job on these. In my opinion, I think you are ready to move on to plant construction (lesson 3)


Next Steps:

  • Lesson 3

  • Table Elipse exercise during warm ups

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5:58 AM, Sunday November 6th 2022
edited at 5:58 AM, Nov 6th 2022

Thank you so much for your kind critique

I was wondering when I should perform the given warmup ??

Thanks ????????

edited at 5:58 AM, Nov 6th 2022
2:09 PM, Sunday November 6th 2022
edited at 2:09 PM, Nov 6th 2022

So if you recall you should be doing a warm up of 15 minutes by selecting 3 of the previous exercises that you have done of prior lessons.

Here's a link to that section if you need a refresher on the specifics: https://drawabox.com/lesson/0/3/warmups

edited at 2:09 PM, Nov 6th 2022
3:26 PM, Monday January 16th 2023

As the system doesn't currently allow me to respond to a report directly, I must state here that I disagree with what you stated in your report, and feel that you may be overestimating what you should be expecting from free community feedback, which as you must remember is driven entirely by peoples' good will and willingness to give others' feedback and advice.

The critique you received discussed each major section, identified things you did well, and areas for you to work on. The "Mark as Unhelpful" option is reserved for cases where people have put in no effort, and have only provided empty platitudes.

In the future, keep in mind that the person giving you feedback is not receiving anything from you in return, and so you can only expect so much.

4:50 PM, Monday January 16th 2023

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will keep that factor in mind from now on ????????

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