250 Box Challenge

12:04 PM, Tuesday February 20th 2024

250 Box Torture - Google Drive

250 Box Torture - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17YnGf6MhZ8hom1C3ugnXM86BhSNWzhEI

I did it.. I completed the 250 box challenge.. I am gonna go pinch myself to see If I am dreaming.. Meanwhile take a glance at these and tell me if everything is alright

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5:12 PM, Friday March 8th 2024

hello! I'll be critiquing your 250 box challenge today!

first of all- congratulations! this is a major accomplishment. many have failed where you persevered and succeeded.

now, for some pointers:

in the earlier stages, one thing I noticed was that a lot of the boxes lines converged in pairs instead of converging to a single point. you actually seemed to struggle with this throughout (especially when converging the back corner to the front of the initial 'y')

next, i noticed you didn't add line weight. while this isn't strictly necessary, it's a good practice.

it's also a bit hard to understand the passage of time as you didn't number your boxes. however, on the assumption that you posted everything in order, you have shown some serious improvement!

Next Steps:

Keep the skills you learned here in mind. take a small break, and when you're ready, you can go ahead to lesson 2

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7:25 AM, Saturday March 9th 2024

You are right about boxes being converged in pairs. I was focusing on sticking the lines together instead of meeting a single point. Sometimes It worked, sometimes It looked off but I couldn't quite understand what it was. Next time in warmups, I will focus on the single point! I will also try to add line weight.

Thank you so much for the critiquing again, I appreciate it. I will move to lesson 2 after a while.

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