Lesson 6 ruler vs freehand

8:58 PM, Thursday September 3rd 2020


I don't understand when it's ok to use the ruler and when I should use the freehand method in this lesson...

Thank you

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12:48 AM, Friday September 4th 2020

You're allowed to use a ruler in your everyday object drawings, wherever you feel you'll benefit from it. The form intersections should still be freehanded, although if you did them with a ruler I wouldn't be that concerned.

1:08 AM, Friday September 4th 2020

Thank you! I will try some objects freehanded and some with the ruler.

4:49 AM, Friday September 4th 2020

To be clear, it is best that you use a ruler for them all. The purpose is so that you are able to focus on the meat of the lesson, without being distracted by other matters. For working on your freehand linework, you've got the earlier lessons and exercises.

6:19 PM, Friday September 4th 2020

Oh okay alright I didn't understand that part!

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