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7:19 PM, Tuesday April 26th 2022


Overall, your lines section was pretty good! Your superimposed lines tended to fray a little bit at the end, but this is to be expected and you kept them consistent at the start. Your ghosted lines and planes all seemed solid and they will only get better as you use them as warm-ups for future exercises.


Your ellipses were also done well, but they seemed to be a little stiff at times. Remember, it’s definitely worth sacrificing a little bit of accuracy in order to practice with more loose/relaxed pen strokes. Doing this will allow you to be better prepared for future lessons. Aside from that, all of your work was very consistent, especially your funnels!


For your boxes, there were also no underlying issues that I feel need to be addressed. Your plotted perspective was neat and rough perspective, while inaccurate at times, showed a good understanding of what you should be doing, which s important as accuracy will developed better over time. You showed understanding of how boxes move in relation to each other in the rotated boxes exercise, which is really a bonus as that exercise is pretty tricky. Your first set of organic perspective definitely had some troubles, but these all seemed to be addressed in your second sheet. Maybe use these as warm-ups in the future just to make sure that you have all of the concepts down!

Next Steps:

Feel free to move on to the 250 Box Challenge once you get two agrees on this post, and make sure to use any previous lessons that you felt you could improve on as warm-ups. Good job!

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8:47 PM, Tuesday April 26th 2022

Thank you for the critique! You made very good points, I'll keep in mind the loose pen strokes while doing my warm ups with ellipses. Since I tried to have more of a balance between those two factors.

6:07 AM, Wednesday April 27th 2022

Awesome! Overall you did really well! Best of luck!

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