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3:03 PM, Saturday June 12th 2021

hello TIAMAL you've submitted your first drawabox lesson, congratulations for getting started. i'll critique youe work now.


On the superimposed lines part you seem to be hesitating and that caused the lines to be some what wobbly, remember always execute your lines with confidence.

on the ghosted lines you did overshooted your lines abit you can fix this by lifting your pen just as you hit your target


you did well ghosting the planes however some lines seems to curving remember to ghost your lines until you're confident enough to execute it.


you did well on the tables of ellipses part some og the ellipses seems to be missed shapened this can be fixed by ghosting your ellipses before you execute them

the ellipses in planes is where i found some problems you should be making sure that the ellipses's edges touch the plane's edge

On the funnel exercise you did well no faults here


you did well on the plotted perspective and rough perspective exercise

however on the rotating box exercise you applied too much line weight here, for this exercise going through the lines twice would be sufficient

on the organic perspectivemost of the boxes are well constructed safe for a few where the angles of the Ys are below 90° try to keep the angle of the Ys over 90 so the box wouldn't look to distorted also some of the lines are some what wobbly remember to ghost them before you execute them.

that's the end of my critique feel free to move on to the 250 boxes challenge.

Next Steps:

start doing the 250 boxes challenge.

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3:23 PM, Saturday June 12th 2021

Thank you so much for the critique! This was really helpful!

4:32 PM, Saturday June 12th 2021

Glad to be of help :)

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