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12:46 PM, Friday February 14th 2020

Hi Vuith,

Starting with your superimposed lines, I notice there is some fraying at both ends. Try and take the time to place your pen at the right point whenever you start a line.

Your ghosted lines are nice and smooth but they curve q little sometimes. You can try a fix that by consciously curving in the other direction. It also looks like have have tried to correct a couple of lines. Don't go back and fix mistakes. Once a line is drawn leave it and carry on, even if it isn't right.

Your ghosted planes are good. Just be aware of the same things as above.

Your ellipses look pretty good too. The lines are smooth and confident. Some of them miss the edges but it looks like you have a good idea of where they should touch. You might benefit from lifting your pen a little earlier in the movement to avoid those hooks at the end of your lines. With your funnels try not to overlap the ellipses and try to keep them aligned with each other. You could also start increasing the degree more as you move outwards.

Plotted perspective is fine. Rough perspective remeber, don't redo lines. You have done a good job of keeping your lines converging in the right direction.

Your rotated boxes aren't quite rotating enough. You could try imagining a sphere in the centre that the inner planes are placed around. Also try adding hatching and line weight to make it easier to keep track of which lines go with which boxes. But it is a really good first go. Rotated boxes is deliberately hard and you aren't meant to get it right first time. It is there to introduce you to ideas of manipulating shapes in 3d space and you'll get a lot more practice at that with the 250 box challenge.

Your organic perspective is good. Again, don't repeat lines. Some of your lines are diverging but thats okay the 250 box challenge will help with that too. The composition is pretty good. Don't be afraid to push it further, bigger and smaller boxes and more overlap to really sell the illusion of depth.

Overall I think this is pretty good and I am happy for you to continue to the 250 box challenge.

Next Steps:

Continue to the 250 box challenge.

Good luck!

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2:02 PM, Friday February 14th 2020

I agree with Loopylizard!

Some points :

  • If your ghosted lines are curved, it's a sign that you are drawing from your wrist (or elbow), try to block your wrist.

  • For your ellipses, you may slow down a little and ghost more...

  • Congratulations Vuith and good luck for the boxes!

7:09 PM, Friday February 14th 2020

Thank you. I am really struggling with drawing from my shoulder, and I definitely feel like I rush a bit sometimes too.

7:08 PM, Friday February 14th 2020

Thank you for the feedback! I'll try to stop with redoing lines. And I'll work on the curving too. Thanks

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