Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

1:26 PM, Monday September 28th 2020

Drawabox Lesson 2 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/hVJNYn4

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Hello! It took me some time but I finally finished Lesson 2. On the Texture analysis exercise I wrote the notes of the second square in spanish, because I wanted to focus on the exercise, instead of focusing on translating the notes I wanted to take, but the textures I used were: crumpled paper, tree bark, and tortoise skin.

Any feedback is welcome! Thank you!

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10:53 AM, Thursday October 8th 2020


Lines are pretty confident overall, only thing is that the hatching lines are a bit wobbly, don't forget to take your time on drawing each line.

The arrows could also grow more exponentially to show more depth, both the space between folds and the size of the arrows themselves.

Organic forms

Organic forms are looking good overall. You're mostly adhering to the forms we need to do, with the only mistake some of the ends are pointy, It's hard to keep the forms rounded, but reminding it just in case.

Another thing is the changes of degrees of the ellipses are a bit too sudden, try to make the transition smoother.


Textures are good too, just a few things:

-In some places you're relying on lines a bit, try to always approach shadow shapes like this.

-Transitions on the gradations from black are a bit sudden, try to make them smoother.

Form intersections

Good job overall, a few things here too:

-There are a few places where you've had divergences, be careful so you don't have them.

-Convergences on some pages are a a bit too extreme, keep in mind you should try to keep your convergences consistent, and to do that you should try to go mainly with shallow perspective.

-Hatching is a bit rushed at times, don't forget to place the pen at the side of the box so the line doesn't fray at 2 ends.

Organic intersections

Looking pretty solid, but a few issues:

-Don't forget you should also aim for simple forms on this exercise as well. Some are a bit squashed and others pinch a little bit.

-You're also not drawing through your forms, don't forget you need to do it on this exercise too.

Good job overall, good luck with lesson 3, and keep up the good work!

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2:59 PM, Tuesday October 20th 2020

Your reviews are always really helpful, thank you so much!!!

8:15 AM, Wednesday October 21st 2020

No worries, I'm glad I could help :D

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2:13 AM, Monday October 5th 2020

Your lightyears ahead of where I am at. I've been trying to to this program for months and havent gotten this far. I'd say you are well on your way so don't stop now.

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