Hey there, Chuddy! Congratulations on making it all the way through the 250 box challenge. It's definitely a bit of a marathon and I think you've done an overall great job of it.

Let's start with your line confidence - this is absolutely rock solid with no signs of hesitation to be seen anywhere the whole way through. You have a little bit of arcing at the start but you straighten (hehe) this out by the end. It's great to see you've applied line weight and hatching to each and every one of your boxes, which has given you further mileage. Similarly, you seem to have correctly applied the line correction method throughout and have clearly understood what those check lines were trying to tell you as your convergences go from diverging slightly, to converging in pairs, to looking pretty correct to the naked eye.

That's not to say that there aren't still a few times where your back lines show the impact of lots of little mistakes compounding upon them, but this tendency becomes far less common as you progress. I expect you're already thinking about this as you draw your boxes but we provide this diagram with each of our critiques which shows the relationship between the angles of your lines and correctly convergence of parallel lines towards their shared vanishing point. Simply put, the internal likes (green/orange) will be more similar in angle than those along the silhouette (blue and magenta) which will converge more steeply.