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3:30 PM, Monday January 23rd 2023
8:37 PM, Monday January 23rd 2023

I only noticed this 'cause behance isn't a domain we've whitelisted (so it goes to the spam filter where I have to approve it) - but it's fortunate that it did. You replied to your own message. You'll want to reply to the original critique so the other user is notified of your reply. Responding to your own message would not notify them.

1:01 PM, Tuesday January 24th 2023

oh ok thnx actually i didn't knew about this, so sorry for your inconvenience

10:21 PM, Monday January 23rd 2023

No problem! I'm glad I was able to help :D

Like Uncomfortable said, I won't get notified unless you reply to the original critique - luckily enough, I didn't see the first notification until now, so I saw both messages.

Next Steps:

Your revisions look good! You've drawn through your rough perspective boxes, and finished the last page of organic perspective.

Your next step is to tackle the 250 box challenge.

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1:01 PM, Tuesday January 24th 2023

thnx so much!

10:06 PM, Wednesday January 25th 2023


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