Hi Findlost, congratulations on finishing lesson 2 !

Your two biggest arrows accomplish the goal of looking 3D, the rest not so much. Try making the initial curve turn and bend more times and more aggresively, like in here: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/step1 . And also play around with making your arrows come from far away towards the viewer. Make the farther ends of the arrow smaller and more compressed than the ones closer to the viewer. This will make your arrows look more three dimensional.

Your organic forms look really good. Nice job on those !

Your texture analysis also looks good, though on both your first and second textures you applied a lot of detail in the middle part and less detail in the part that's more shadowed. This details should still be present in that area, it's just that their shadows will be deeper and merge a bit more with their neighboring shadows also.

Your dissections also look fine, though you seem to have some trouble respecting the curvature of the forms. (As in here: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/7/curvature). Make shure you warp and shrink your textures as you get closer to the edges of your forms. You are doing this a bit (like in your octopus arms) but the effect should be way more aggresive to give the texture the appeareance of being wrapped around the form. Also your textures don't seem to break from the forms that much (Like here: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/7/silhouette). Try continuing your textures a bit further beyond the initial drawing of the form, this will make them stand out more. It isn't strictly required for this exercise, but in the future I would practice changing your lighting is parts of the texture a little bit (like you did in your wall texture).

Your forms intersections exercise is well done. The linework seems a bit rushed at times though. Remember to still take your time and ghost through all of your lines and curves and you will get a much cleaner, confident look on your forms.

And lastly, nice job on your organic intersections. No mistakes that I can see there.

Overall I think you understood the goal of all the exercises. Most of the things that I pointed out here are minor details that you should pay attention to when you use these exercises as warm ups. During lesson 3 you'll have to do one more of the arrows exercise, make sure to try out making your arrows come from away towards the viewer as I mentioned in the beginning.

As i said, I think you archieved the goals of the lesson. I think you're ready to move on to lesson 3. Just keep in mind my recommendations when using these exercises and warm ups and you'll perfect them in no time. Good luck !