Overall your work here looks pretty good.

Your lines are fairly confident and clean, they waver a little though, so be sure to keep working on them in your warmups.

A note on your ellipses, in your table of ellipses it looks like you drew though them 3 to 4 times, however, the ideal number of times is 2-3. Similarly in your funnels page it looks like you only drew them once, instead of 2 or three times, you should be ghosting around a few times and then draw through the ellipse at least twice all the way around.

Keep practicing ellipses in your warmups and remember to ghost every time.

Another thing of note, the hatching on your rotated boxes page looks hasty and scribbly in some places, remember that your hatching lines should be clean and crisp just like the rest of your lines.

There are several issues with your boxes in the organic perspective pages, their perspectives and vanishing points mainly, but nothing that the 250 box challenge won't fix.