Emotional Release Sketches

7:42 PM, Monday May 18th 2020

Expressive drawings - Album on Imgur

: https://imgur.com/gallery/l8VNy89

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I dumped my emotions out into my sketchbook and it felt very freeing when I was finished.

I made these sketches during Feb. through April of 2020.

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12:33 AM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

nice. you can see clear progression getting better as you went. iblike lastbone

1:38 AM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

Hey thanks! I'm so happy that you like my work and I appreciate that you took a moment of your time to tell me that. It made me feel really good.

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12:39 AM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

I really love these!! The colors and shapes look so nice together

1:44 AM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

Thank you very much! I originally made the drawings for myself but I liked them so much that I wanted to share. I am glad that you enjoyed them too.

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2:35 AM, Saturday May 23rd 2020

I love your use of colors, but my favorite is the second last one!

What kind of sketchbook and materials were you using?

4:04 AM, Saturday May 23rd 2020

Hey thanks!

This is what I am using and I have been able to find these items on amazon.

the sketchbook I use

these crayons work great on black paper

so do these pens

if you like metallic colors, then these markers are awesome too

11:20 PM, Tuesday May 26th 2020

Good to know. I'm surprised at the quality of work you've got out of those crayons. Keep it up!

3:04 PM, Thursday May 28th 2020

If you end up getting and using any of these supplies will you please send me some pictures of your work? I would love to see what ways you handle the materials and see more of your art work besides just your drawing homework.

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