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5:40 PM, Saturday February 6th 2021

Hi! Welcome to DaB :3. Let's get right to it

Superimposed Lines:

barely any fraying at the start of your lines on the first page which is good to see. Second page does have a little bit of fraying at the start however, which suggests you're not taking enough time to line up your pen to make those lines. Slow down, try not to rush, and take more care to make sure you start where you intend to. The lines are wobbling a fair bit, which suggests you're having some trouble with confidence in drawing these superimposed lines and your brain and body are still fighting against each-other a little bit. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/8/wobbling This is going to be difficult when you're starting out as a beginner, but you can absolutely work on improving it. You've made a good attempt here, so I'm confident with practise and time you'll have this down.

Ghosted Lines:

A couple of these lines are quite straight, so well done!! You gave this a very good attempt. Still got some issues with wobbly lines, but that's just muscle memory I think. Keep practising, you'll get there :3

Ghosted Planes:

Again, there are a couple of lines that have come out very nicely, so good job there. Wobbling is still an issue, notably so on some of the external lines. Since all of your lines seem to be accurate but not confident I'm a little concerned that you're still a bit pre-occupied with trying to get your lines accurate "I must get this line from point A to point B because I'm drawing a quadrilateral." instead of trying to get them confident "I need to get this line straight and not wobbly". It's not uncommon for beginners at this stage to get a bit too focused on accuracy, but it's incredibly important that you learn to move past this. I stress this heavily because it's one of, if not the most, important lesson to learn at this stage.

Tables of Ellipses:

Really good work here. One or two wobbly ellipses, but that's to be expected. Overall they're looking okay, you've made a very good attempt at this exercise. Just make sure you keep practising is the main thing. Spoiler: Ellipses don't go away, they actually come back in full force in lesson 2. absolutely make sure you keep practising these in your warmups, you'll thank me for it later. I'd just refer you to this diagram from the ellipse notes, just so that you don't forget what it is you're aiming towards with these in your practise. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/11/drawingthrough

Ellipses in Planes:

I'm really quite impressed. Ellipses are by and large very confident, drawn through, and they fit the confines of the planes decently too. Great work for a beginner. This exercise is great for warmups, as it lets you practise ellipses and ghosted lines at the same time..


This is a tricky excercise, so I'm quite impressed with your submission here. No glaring issues or errors, just small things to work on and practise on like I've elaborated on in the previous sections. You did very well here, good job.

Plotted Perspective:

All fine, nothing to say here.

Rough Perspective:

Lines are a little wobbly, but I do sympathise that it gets a little tricky to focus on getting your lines straight and accurate when this whole other dimension of vanishing points and perspectives is introduced. No big issue here, just keep it in mind.

Otherwise, no glaring errors. This is a very difficult exercise, especially when you're starting out, so it's nothing to worry about if you found this hard. You'll get plenty of practise and experience working on perspective and boxes in the 250 boxes challenge.

Rotated Boxes:

Rotated boxes is incredibly challenging, well done on your attempt. I'm not too worried about mistakes with perspective at this stage, you'll get a chance to practise this when you do the 250 box challenge.

Organic Perspective:

Again, difficult exercise, but you made a good attempt! Not too much to mention here. You'll get to practise this in the 250 box challenge. One small note is that the foreshortening on your boxes is not consistent. As foreshortening tells us if an object is big or close/ small or far away, when it is inconsistent as objects get further away on the organic line, the illusion gets broken. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/7/foreshortening Refer to these notes for more details. It's not a huge issue, and you don't really need to worry about it right now, but it is worth mentioning as something to come back to and consider later on.

Next Steps:

Overall, you've done a pretty good job!

Main takeaways I'd like you to take from this lesson:

  1. Focus on keeping those lines straight and confident. Don't worry about the accuracy, even when you're trying to draw set shapes like boxes or planes. It's better for none of your lines to join up, but be confident and straight, than for them to all be wobbly .

  2. Keep doing your warmups. You're going to want to keep practising and refining these skills you've learnt, especially the ellipses as they'll be important in lesson 2.

Move on the 250 box challenge now.

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1:57 AM, Sunday February 7th 2021

Thank you for the critique, and you are right about having trouble letting go with the lines. I'll ghost them fast, but end up slowing down to hit the mark or just stopping abruptly short of the dot, which is kinda jarring.

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