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5:00 PM, Tuesday June 21st 2022

Hi, this is my second review, hopefully I could help you in something.

Your superimposed lines where okay, although the start of the lines where off, you seemed to overcome them in the second page, you are getting the hang of it. Your ghosted lines are fine, don't worry about not hitting the target sometimes, you'll get there.

The ghosted planes on itself where fine. The issue that i have is with the ellipses. There's improvement in your ellipses between the first and second page of planes, you have some nice and smoother ellipses at the end. However, remember that the ellipses should be touching the four sides of the plane. I suggested to redo at least one page with that in mind.

Table of ellipses: I don't have any complains here, just don't slow down while going around the ellipses.

On the funnels, personally I would like you to do redo just one more page. The ellipses should be as close as possible to each other and have the minor axis cut between them. Review this part of the lesson about mistakes in funnels and keep that in mind while working at them:https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/14/notaligned https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/14/spacing

Plotted perspective: your boxes are smooth and nicely done.You seem to understand the exercise. Good job!

On rough perspective, I would suggest to use the ghosting method to avoid woobly lines, you can even place dots to guide you. But overall, this is a pretty common and normal mistake, so no need to worry. Apply what I said on the 250 box challenge if you feel like it.

The rotated boxes are hard on itself, the corners are off and some boxes aren't actually rotating. It´s okay to struggle since on the 250 box challenge you'll get more practice.

To be honest, your exercises on organic perspective are really good, amazingly done in my opinion. Just remeber to use the ghosting method and placing dots that already said, at least those helped me, don't know if you'll find them useful.

Personally, I would like you to redo just those two pages of ellipses in planes and funnels with the recommendations I offered.

Next Steps:

One page of Ellipses in Planes

One page of funnels

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:46 AM, Monday October 9th 2023
edited at 7:21 AM, Oct 25th 2023

Hello! I was looking through my past critiques and I saw that I didn't have lesson 1 marked as complete. I realized that this was because I had forgotten to reply to your critique with the revisions you requested. I am very sorry. Here is a link to my revised ellipses in planes and funnels: https://imgur.com/a/S8tAWbU If you have time can you give me some feedback?

edited at 7:21 AM, Oct 25th 2023
8:55 PM, Tuesday October 24th 2023

Hello!!! Sorry for seeing this so late. I'm now more satisfied with the ellipses. I can see there's more intention. Aiming for perfection is not the way right now, instead it's intention and that's what you did! Keep that in mind for your next lessons as well.

Next Steps:

Keep going with lesson 2!!

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7:21 AM, Wednesday October 25th 2023
edited at 7:22 AM, Oct 25th 2023

Thank you so much! Don't worry since it's my fault for replying with the revisions so late. I will keep your advice in mind as I continue to do ellipses in my warm-ups.

edited at 7:22 AM, Oct 25th 2023
6:09 AM, Wednesday June 22nd 2022

Thank you!

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