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6:36 PM, Friday September 23rd 2022

Here's a paragraph from my feedback on your first set of revisions:

As to your revisions, unfortunately you only appear to have extended the boxes' own edges, and have not applied any of the lines for the ellipses. Each ellipse should have a defined minor axis line, as well as two contact point lines, as explained in these notes. You applied these line extensions correctly when going through this section of the challenge the first time, so I do not really see why you would have neglected to include them here.

I bolded the portion where I mentioned the missing contact point lines, along with the minor axis line. That said, these three lines (1 minor axis and 2 contact point lines) must be extended for each ellipse - not one minor axis for both ellipses.

As to your request, yes, you can just identify the correct line extensions on your latest set, as this is clearly turning out to be a momentary bit of confusion (and hopefully the outcome thus far is enough to encourage you to review my instructions more carefully going forward).

7:02 PM, Monday October 3rd 2022

Thanks a lot. Hope I did it correctly.

8:10 PM, Monday October 3rd 2022

Much better! I'll go ahead and mark this challenge as complete.

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